I love to write about: Positive Psychology. Motherhood. Wellness. Relationships. Tea.

Anything that makes this world a happier and healthier place.


Alicia Henry is a mother, writer, postpartum care advocate, and Founder of Naked Sage Tea. A serial optimist, she is aptly part of the team that achieved The International Day of Happiness which became a resolution of the United Nations. Thereafter, Alicia advocated internationally for gender equality and childhood nutrition. Her copywriting has graced billboards from New York City to Miami and her poetry is composed on a 1960s typewriter. A fan of the Oxford comma, Alicia currently resides in Los Angeles and is writing her first book of poetry in dedication to mothers.




As millennials rapidly move into the parenting age, companies are scrambling to adjust to their needs accordingly in order to retain the in-demand talent. 


Millennials are valuing paternal programs in line with the importance of competitive pay, benefits, and flexible working hours. A study by EY revealed that 38 percent of millennials say they would leave the United States for better paid parental leave benefits.


Give Back: Now that you are recognizing all that you’re grateful for, what better way to pay it forward than giving back to your community. There are some helpful apps that you can download in order to find volunteer opportunities in your area.

Not only are you helping others but you’re also adding more points to your insta-happiness meter by releasing more of those “happy chemicals” in your brain. Serotonin is released in the brain when we feel significant or useful so giving back to our community will surely get us feeling useful…and happy!



Alas, it’s the vulnerable, honest stuff that people want to read. Because we’re all looking to be seen, loved, and not feel like we’re totally alone in this life thing. So when a piece of art or someone’s words come from a place of authenticity, it can inspire the viewer and then a valuable connection is made. After all, we’re in this together.


Women make up half the population, earn ten percent of global income and account for seventy percent of the world’s impoverished. In order for society to see positive and sustainable change, gender inequalities must be equalized.



What the heck is this thing? Is this thing on?

We’re trying to establish comfort in something that is rather uncomfortable and meanwhile we’re slowly creating unwritten rules to dating in the modern world. Who writes first? Do we meet in a neighborhood halfway? Do I check in with my friends to make sure we aren’t matched with the same person?


We’re all seeking some form of a connection. May it be a partner in crime, a partner in life, a partner in bed, or multiple partners.
In a sensory overload trance we swipe away and when it’s a “match” it’s off to the races.



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